Tips On Saving Money On Car Insurance For Young Drivers

When you have a new young driver in the household the amount you pay for car insurance can be quite shocking at first. One of the best things you can do is sit down with your insurance agent and discuss your options. Each different company will have different ratings and rules that they follow, as well as discounts that they offer for younger drivers. Let’s take a look at car insurance for young drivers, and what it takes to get a lower premium.

Many Companies Offer A Discount For Drivers Education

Across the nation there are plenty of high schools that offer drivers education to their students that have turned of legal age to drive. Insurance companies recognize how valuable this training is to the young driver and offer an incentive to get their customers to enroll. It’s been proven that students that take the classes have fewer accidents, tickets and fatalities, so it’s worth it for everyone involved. If the local high school doesn’t offer this great service, check online for companies in your area that do.

When A Young Person Gets A Car, Make Sure It’s Cheap To Insure

Although the days of the super hot rod are behind us, there are still plenty of cars that can be very expensive to insure. Cars that are imported, get stolen frequently, have high output engines, are expensive to repair, and cars that are in more accidents, all have higher premiums to match.

Before you buy Junior a car, sit down with your agent and ask him point blank how much certain cars are to get covered. If you get an American made, 4 door family car, that has some miles on it, that should be your baseline. It shouldn’t need full coverage, won’t be at high risk to be stolen, are less expensive to repair, and kids don’t usually hot rod around and show off in them. Each different insurance company will have its own list, and ratings, so talk to several agents by phone to get an idea, then talk to yours when you know what to ask.

Be Sure And Ask About The Good Student Discount If You Have One

Another discount that’s available in car insurance for young drivers is for the good student. This is because better students are better risks, they party less, take fewer risks, and make better choices.

When getting insurance coverage for your young driver take note of how much higher it will be they start having accidents and getting tickets. Spend some time with your agent to get the facts, it could be the smartest thing you do when it comes to insuring your child.