Great Car Insurance Tips You Can Use Right Away To Reduce Costs

As the price of cars has increased, and the price of car repairs as well, so has the cost of insuring those cars, as the insurance company has to increase rates in order to cove the costs. There are numerous ways for people to save on their monthly insurance bills, some are easy, while other ways will take a little work. Let’s examine a few of the quickest car insurance tips you can use right away.

Take A look At Your Policy And Decide What You Haven’t Ever Used

There are plenty of options here, if you’ve never had an accident and you’re keeping your collision deductible low because you’re worried about how much you’ll have to pay, you should actually raise that deductible to a much higher amount and become partly self insured. The higher the deductible the more discount you’ll get.

The same goes for your comprehensive coverage, that’s what covers fire, theft, vandalism, hailstones, floods and other things. It’s a much less expensive costing coverage, but if you don’t ever use it, especially if you park your car in the garage at night, then you could raise the deductible on that too. If you live in an area where rock chips are a problem, most insurance companies allow you to lower the deductible on just glass coverage, separately from comprehensive, and cover that for a decent price.

Other Great Car Insurance Tips Are Reducing Your To And From Work Travel Per Week

Most car companies rate you on how many miles you drive to and from work or school per week. They’re all slightly different here, but you get the idea. By car pooling, riding a bike or taking public transportation to works several days per week, you can reduce your weekly mileage and cut costs that way, without reducing any coverage at all. Riding a bike to work will also help you live longer, be more mentally alert, and have a better attitude as well.

Also, make sure that the insurance company knows that your car is kept inside a garage at night, if it is, that’s because it lowers the risk of vandalism, storm damage, theft and many other losses, so some companies give a discount for that as well. Check to see if you’re getting the non-smoker discount, accident free discount, drivers ed discount if you’re a student and the good student discount if that is available to you.

You can’t have too many discounts when it comes to car insurance, take the time to chat with your agent and find out where you can cut to save money. Most agents will be happy to help you in order to keep your business, so don’t hesitate to ask.