Why Car Insurance For Senior Drivers Can Be Extremely Inexpensive

Car insurance can be an expensive and complicated product for the average person, but sometimes seniors are even more overwhelmed than others. They tend to have a fear of losing their coverage because their eyesight or reaction time is getting bad, so they don’t like to call their agents and talk, about anything. Some of them have friends that have lost their drivers licenses and can no longer get around, which can lead to a lonely existence for many elderly people. Still, they need to stay in touch, and keep their agents apprised of any changes in driving habits, the less they drive, the less risk, and the lower their rates.

There Is Special Car Insurance For Senior Drivers

Many senior drivers have driven for the last 20 to 30 years or more without having an accident or even a claim on their policies. They’re careful, they don’t take risks, and they have loads of experience as well. So, many car insurance companies offer special rates to reflect this long term good driving. One in particular offers a special rate for those over 60 that have clean driving records, and another gives an ongoing discount that increases each year that you maintain coverage without a claim.

Many Seniors Drive Family Type Cars That Are Inexpensive To Repair

One thing that makes younger and middle age drivers pay more is their purchasing of expensive newer cars. The newer a car is the more expensive it is to repair, sometimes quite a bit more. Plus, the higher cost of a car and it’s parts, the more expensive repairs are as well. Imported cars have higher prices, are stolen more often and thus have higher comprehensive coverage that raises their monthly bill. Many seniors have tended to stay with modest, American made, 4 door family cars which are the least stolen, cheapest to fix, and less expensive to insure.

Most of the drivers that are out in the evening going to restaurants, shopping and socializing are younger more active people. While the senior driver will most likely drive during the daytime, avoiding the rush hours, and have their cars safely locked in the garage for the night. All of these good habits lead to markedly lower risks of accidents, thefts, and other losses, which is why car insurance for senior drivers have  lower premiums.