Getting The Best Car Insurance For Teenagers

If you have a teenager in the house I can already sense your fear as they get ready to start the epic journey of learning to drive. However, with a little patience and guidance from you they will learn how to become responsible drivers.

Of course once they begin to drive you will need to look into car insurance for teenagers so they can be safe as well as legal. This article is going to show you three of the best tips on getting them the best insurance.

Choose The Best Car

The type of car that your child drives is going to have a large impact on the price of the insurance they pay. While they may have their eye on that red Mustang or black SUV, you are going to need to steer them in a different direction.

A smaller car that has a limited engine capacity and is bundled with all the latest safety features is going to be the better choice. These economical cars tend to carry lower rates and are generally the safer car for your teen to drive.

Enforce Good Grades

You have probably been after your child to get good grades all their life. However as they enter into their teen years it becomes more of a priority. Teenagers who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher tend to have a much lower insurance rate than those with lower GPA’s.

If it comes down to it you just may have to start bribing them. Either pay for the good grades or start taking away what they hold dear. Those good grades have the ability to really lower the insurance bill.

Enroll Them In A Good Driver Education Program

Regardless of saving on insurance it is always wise to have your teenager enrolled into a driver’s education course. However, just by enrolling and passing the course your teen can see a significant amount of savings on their annual insurance fees.

These classes are designed to teach your teen how to drive correctly and safely in any type of road conditions and come highly recommended by insurance companies.

While we may cringe while thinking about car insurance for teenagers it is just a part of life. Make sure they keep good grades, drive a safe car, and enroll in a safety course to help them not only be a better driver but get lower insurance rates as well.