Car Insurance For Women: Getting A Good Deal On A Premium

Insurance companies are driven by the numbers. Well, they are driven by the numbers that sit inside their actuarial tables and those numbers tell a different story about the sexes. In some cases, being a woman means getting a better deal, at least when it comes to car insurance. When you look at the figures, it terns out that the average price of car insurance for women costs less that car insurance for men.

There are a number of reasons and it doesn’t all have to do with safety. It turns out that men actually drive more than women do. Being on the road for longer periods of time in a year means that there is more chance of getting into an accident. Since the price of an insurance policy is calculated using risk analysis, on average women get lower premiums because they aren’t behind the wheel as much.

In addition to time on the road, it turns out that car insurance for women tends to cost less because women take fewer risks when they are driving. That means that on average, they will be less likely to pull out in front of oncoming traffic hoping they can make that left turn without causing a collision. It turns out that men assess risk levels differently and have more accidents as a result.

Basically, women get better rates on their monthly premium because the insurance companies are betting that the policy holder will behave more like their own sex. It is isn’t always the case. However, the statistics are good enough that it is rare to hear about an insurance company going bankrupt by making too many bad bets.

Women are less likely to be involved in a car accident than men are. They are also more likely to take the time to buckle their seat belt when compared to men. If they are in an accident but have their seat belt buckled, they are less likely to be seriously injured. That translates into lower medical costs which means that insurance companies can charge women lower premiums.

However, if a man maintains a good driving record for a long period of time, then his rates will go down. Likewise, an individual woman can lose the lower rates won by her sex if her driving record has too many problems. Ladies, keep buckling up and driving safely.