A Closer Look At Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

There are many times when you need something that covers as many things as possible. Sometimes, that involves your auto insurance. There are times when things may damage your car that are outside your control.

In fact, you may not even be in your car at all in some of these circumstances. That is why you may need something outside your typical auto insurance like comprehensive car insurance coverage. Take a closer look at what this type of coverage offers by reading below.

As previously stated, this type of coverage on an auto policy can cover those things left out by a typical policy. While those typically cover damages to your vehicle because of accident, this type of coverage covers most damage outside of normal circumstances.

One thing that it covers is car damage because of a fallen object. For example, it could be very windy out and your car may be parked near a grassy area with trees. If the wind picked up suddenly, it could become strong enough to completely knock a nearby tree over onto your car, causing a lot of damage. This would be covered under this.

Another thing that this coverage can deal with is theft. If your car is suddenly stolen from where you left it, this policy could possibly help you pay for a new one if it’s not found.

Animal damage is another covered circumstance. For example, if your car suddenly hits a deer in the road, or if your vehicle is suddenly attacked by a bear, you may be covered.

Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes flipping or lifting your car, causing massive damage, are also usually covered by this type of policy.

This policy can also cover many instances of vandalism. One example would be your car being tagged by someone with spray paint.

Fire is often another incident that is covered. This can occur from something nearby catching fire and then spreading to your car, or it could be fire caused by someone that accidentally or intentionally set your car on fire.

Damage caused by civil disobedience can also be covered under this policy. This can include your car’s windows being broken out or any other kind of damage that is directly inflicted upon your car due to another person or multiple people.

While it seems like this coverage can handle everything, that is false. It cannot cover many things related to regular accidents. These items include medical expenses, lost wages, collision-based damages, legal fees, etc.

Comprehensive car insurance coverage is an important consideration that covers a lot of things that standard car insurance does not. While it cannot cover what regular insurance does, it can be a vital add-on to cover those damages that occur outside of a standard car accident.